Automation and Control Systems

Automation and Control Systems

Over our 25+ years in business, IPACT has amassed great expertise in manufacturing automation and control systems.   We offer services in all aspects of control systems to our customers, including user requirements, functional specification, design, implementation, testing, commissioning, and post-commissioning support.

To IPACT, performing a control project means more than just dropping some sequencing logic and PIDs into a PAC.  It means understanding the process that is to be controlled, and providing the best possible control solution considering the required control performance and stability.  Control system design is an engineering discipline.  IPACT doesn’t just write PAC logic – we engineer control solutions.

We also understand that the design of a control system has a very significant impact on how easy or hard it is for higher level systems, such as HMI, MES, or batching systems, to interface to them.  Our manufacturing automation and control systems are designed using both internal and external standards (such as S88) to make interfacing with other automation components straightforward.

At IPACT we believe that our use of structured methodologies and our complete process and equipment simulations differentiate us from our competitors.  Before we begin to implement a system, we write a functional specification utilizing Sequential Function Charts (SFCs) and Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs).  These are carefully reviewed with the customer before implementation is started.  During implementation, a key component of the project is to construct a complete simulation of the system, including both the equipment (e.g. a valve that returns an open or close limit) and the process (e.g. a hopper weight that increases as a conveyor feeds material to it).  This allows us to thoroughly test the system before it goes to the customer site, and therefore insure a smooth startup.

IPACT’s experience with automation equipment vendors includes Allen-Bradley / Rockwell, Modicon, GE Fanuc, and Wonderware.  We have engineered automation and control solutions in many industries including steel, aluminum, food, consumer packaged goods, and automotive.

IPACT has provided a great variety of functions in automation and control systems, including:

  • Equipment Sequencing Control
  • Classical Feedback Control
  • Custom Feedback Control
    • Non-time based schemes
    • Adaptive control systems
    • Gain-scheduling schemes
    • System component characterization
    • Non-linear control schemes
  • Motion Control
  • Assembly Line Station Control
  • Equipment Scheduling
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Product Metering
  • Loss-in-weight Feeding