• Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    IPACT is located in the heart of North America’s automotive manufacturing world.

    We have implemented many types of solutions to tier 1 and tier 2 automotive suppliers.

    IPACT’s expertise in metals and assembly processes has been key to our success.

    Following are some of projects we have done for automotive clients…

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  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Consumer Packaged Goods

    The big players in the personal products industry know that even small changes in product features can cause large shifts in consumer preferences.

    Thus, the companies that can get to market the fastest with with a more comfortable, absorbent, or easier to use product can reap huge benefits.

    The machines that produce these products are extremely complex, and it is safe to say that automation is a highly critical component of their operation…

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  • Dairy & Cheese Industry

    Dairy and Cheese Industry

    The dairy and cheese industries are narrow margin businesses.

    Cheese accounts for 35% of the total revenue of the dairy industry.

    The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient operations and marketing, as milk is a commodity product.

    There are few economies of scale in the manufacturing process except in distribution, which is why small companies can effectively compete with large ones in local markets.

    The difference between profit and loss can literally mean the difference between a couple of gross margin percentage points.

    The Federal Government dictates milk prices, which represent over 68% of a dairy…

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  • Energy Industry

    Energy Industry

    The energy industry is a diverse, broad and booming industry.

    IPACT has developed many applications for this industry and can provide turn-key solutions for clients.

    Some areas of expertise include:

    IPACT has worked with both solar panel manufacturers and solar energy farms.

    IPACT developed a “track & trace” application for a major solar panel manufacturer.

    The application allowed tracking down to individual panels and components in real-time, enabling the client to achieve large increases in first pass yield and OEE…

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  • Food & Beverage Industry

    Food and Beverage Industry

    No industry is more competitive or moves faster than the food industry.

    Bringing a new line of products to market can easily cost a hundred million dollars or more in research, development, capital expenditures, and advertising.

    If you are too late, or your products are not of high quality, then you can lose your entire investment in a year.

    But success can bring very handsome rewards that last for decades.

    For established products, there is a relentless push from the marketplace for lower cost and higher quality, and from regulatory bodies for improved traceability and documentation…

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  • Metals Industry

    Metals Industry

    IPACT was born out of the steel industry, as the principals of the company all came out of the process control departments of local steel mills.

    Still today, about 40% of our staff have backgrounds in steel and aluminum.

    This means that IPACT really understands automating metals processes.

    If you are in the steel or aluminum industry, we speak your language.

    Processes that IPACT has automated in the metals industry include:

    Steel, Blast Furnaces, Basic Oxygen, Furnaces and Ladle Treatment Stations, Electric Furnaces, Casters, Shape Mills, Tube Mills, Hot Strip Mills, Cold Strip, Mills, Continuous Coating Lines…

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