IPACT was created by three engineers who already had years of experience in Process Automation.  These three engineers remain as the three principles of IPACT and provide the top tier of leadership for the company.  One of IPACT’s key cultural values is to empower our engineers to become leaders on projects for which they have process and technical expertise.  Typically, the requirements of a project are examined as part of the bidding process, or in some cases as part of our customer’s implementation team.  We bring the skills and experience from all of our disciplines to each project to form a team best suited for that project.  We also attach project managers to the project to ensure the successful execution of the project.

Our Founding Principals:

Mark Harbison – Mark focuses on business and operational development.

Wade Harsy – Wade focuses on project delivery, operations, and vision.

Earl Lakia – Earl focuses on project delivery, marketing, and operations.