Manufacturing Supply Chain and Operations Consulting

Manufacturing Supply Chain and Operations Consulting

IPACT offers consulting services with Senior Business Consultants that have both years of experience in industry and  extensive, current technical knowledge.  This group of handpicked consultants provides consulting services for operating, improving and growing your business.

We help companies identify areas for business, process and operational improvement that will drive shareholder value.  The consulting engagements range from network design and hardware selection to Enterprise Application Integration and Supply Chain Optimization.   IPACT can also provide guidance with vendor and product selection standardization efforts.  IPACT is unsurpassed at analyzing your current organizational state and helping your business to drive towards industry best practices with best in class results.  Some typical type engagements that IPACT offers include:Strategic Manufacturing Assessment

Strategic Manufacturing Assessment – is a comprehensive look at current operational performance and supply chain with recommendations and order of magnitude estimates for effort, duration and business benefits.

Automation Strategy – is a deep dive into level 1, 2 and 3 systems with recommendations for long term.  As part of the deliverables, IPACT provides a road map showing the staging and prerequisites for future business benefits.

User Requirements Specification – is developed through a standard interview process developed by IPACT through comprehensive interviews with stakeholders from operators to owners.   The User Requirements Specification can include a traceability matrix for those projects that require validation.

Scope and Strategey AssessmentHMI / MES Standards Specification – IPACT can deliver standard specifications that can be used for vendor / product selection or to drive business and operational best practices across the supply chain.

Scope and Strategy Assessment – Contact IPACT to schedule afree scope and strategy assessment.  The Scope and Strategy Assessment is a 2 day review of the client’s business environment and manufacturing environment.  It is followed by an executive presentation of an analysis of the major areas for improvement and the potential payback.

For more than 25 years we have worked with hundreds of clients in manufacturing from the Steel Industry to Food & Beverage to Aerospace– helping them achieve their operational goals, enhancing their competitive edge, and increasing profitability.  We invite you to browse our website and thoroughly review our programs, services and experiences.  We look forward to hearing from you soon with your request for more information, a no-costScope and Strategy Assessment visit and assessment, or other business improvement needs.