Flexware Innovation and IPACT Unite, Prepare for Growth

Flexware Innovation and IPACT Unite, Prepare for Growth

On September 30, 2017, Fishers, Indiana-based Flexware Innovation, Inc. acquired IPACT, Inc., a group of manufacturing technology engineers and software developers based in Valparaiso, IN. Flexware Innovation is a 21-year-old Automation Engineering and Software Development firm that supports Manufacturing IT & Automation in many industries, including life science, food and beverage, and industrial clients. IPACT has done the same for more than 30 years, bringing applied business intelligence to the benefit of manufacturers in the food and candy, Steel, logistical, and aerospace industries.

Developing software and fine-tuning automated solutions is where both groups excel, especially due to their value-focused company cultures. Flexware is confident this acquisition will empower both groups to bring even better outcomes to current and future clients.

“There are methodologies that can be shared on either side of the equation,” Whitlock said. “This is a scenario where we’re really hoping to see 1+1=3, simply because of the exponential power of our combined capability.”

With this acquisition, Flexware Innovation now has a staff of over 65 employees. “We already serve some of the largest manufacturers in the world, but scalability is always a challenge,” said Greg Stevens, Flexware’s Director of Professional Services. “This will give us the opportunity to serve our existing clients with more depth, and meet new clients’ needs even better from the start.”

“We are excited to share our experiences and proven approach to projects with some of the younger talent Flexware has attracted.  In addition, we know Flexware can help our more seasoned experts stay current.” said Wade Harsy, co-founder of IPACT. “The opportunity it brings for both sides to teach each other is the most exciting thing.”

Harsy’s fellow IPACT founder Mark Harbison agreed. “The strong parallels of vision between our two companies made this a comfortable decision for both parties,” he said. “We treat our employees like family—many have been here over 20 years.”

Moving forward, IPACT’s operations will remain in Valparaiso, Indiana transitioning to the name Flexware Innovation, with the headquarters of Flexware remaining in Fishers, Indiana.

With their top-shelf team of technologists and engineers, Flexware helps manufacturers overcome complex IT and engineering obstacles.