• Automation & Control Systems

    Over our 25+ years in business, IPACT has amassed great expertise in manufacturing automation and control systems.

    We offer services in all aspects of control systems to our customers.

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  • Manufacturing Execution Systems

    IPACT has been providing Manufacturing Execution Systems to our customers for our entire 25+ years in existence.

    The tools have certainly changed, as have the “lingo” and acronyms, but the goals remain the same.

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  • OpenVMS Consulting and Migration

    Although the pundits claim Hewlett Packard’s OpenVMS is dead, but as Mark Twain was misquoted:

    “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”.

    There are still many OpenVMS operating systems controlling process controls systems in key industries, such as metals.

    IPACT can provide enhancements to your systems without having to migrate or replace the whole OpenVMS solution.

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  • Enterprise Application Integration

    IPACT has been involved in Enterprise Integration for many years.

    We have watched the evolution of EAI and have participated in the development of that strategy including “point to point” solutions, SOA, XML, packaged solutions and template approaches.

    IPACT has implemented hundreds of solutions that include EAI.

    Enterprise Integration is an essential part of all leading companies’ competitive advantage.

    As ERP, particularly SAP, plays a larger role within the organization and supply chain, EAI’s importance has grown.

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  • Manufacturing Supply Chain & Operations Consulting

    IPACT offers consulting services with Senior Business Consultants that have both years of experience in industry and  extensive, current technical knowledge.

      This group of handpicked consultants provides consulting services for operating, improving and growing your business.

    We help companies identify areas for business, process and operational improvement that will drive shareholder value.

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